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Akon City

Site Location and Access

Accessibility forms the very backbone of Akon City's connectivity, strategically situated in the embrace of prime tourism enclaves, Mbodiène to the South and Pointe Sarène to the North, both heralded as pivotal spheres of development by SAPCO. A geographical canvas painted 67 kilometers distant from the bustling AIBD airport and beyond 100 kilometers from Dakar's urban heart. The threads of accessibility are woven along the Mbour-Joal highway, tracing the western contour of the site, a lifeline linking the arterial veins of Senegal's key cities.

About Project

Yet, a new thoroughfare emerges, a bypass etched in the ambitious designs of Vacap, a conduit destined to directly entwine the Riu site with the tapestry of the A1 highway.

Phase 1, the opening chapter of Akon City's narrative, unfurls across two distinct canvases, a symphony orchestrated upon 50 hectares of terra firma and a poetic vignette whispered upon 5 hectares of the sea's edge, an oasis awaiting its transformation into an enclave of villas and tourist reverie. A dance between land and water, nurtured by the presence of a serene laguna, its aquatic embrace shifting in the rhythm of seasons. A bridge, a majestic connection of human ingenuity, shall thread through Phase 1, uniting the symphony of spaces.

Mbodiene Park

AkonCity located in the heart of Cadastral de Mbodiene Park

About Project

The site, a tableau of subtle undulations, a canvas waiting for architectural brushes to both honor and elevate the stoic presence of baobab sentinels. Their presence, a whisper of the past, beckons the architects to ponder on solutions, the delicate dance between preservation and progress. The laguna, a watery expanse of potential, holds secrets beneath its surface, calling for the hands of labor to sculpt a marina, to sculpt a haven for maritime souls.

Amidst this landscape, an observation by JLL surfaces – a parcel discreetly enclosed on the laguna's edge, a sentinel of mysteries guarded by fences, a connection forged by a bridge to a neighboring realm.

Yet, a chapter of due diligence remains, a symphony of studies awaiting their crescendo – the soil's silent story, whispered to determine the potential of great endeavors, bridges arcing toward the sky, marinas embracing the water's caress, a mosaic of infrastructure awaiting its destiny

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