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Project Structure

Making Senegal the leading country in technology innovation.

Embracing a terrain distant from the capital's bustling core and detached from established business nodes, the site's potential unfolds like a well-composed sonata, one that resonates with the essence of Akon City's vision and its envisioned occupants. Within this symphonic vision, a harmonious cadence emerges, hinting at the prospect of 80,000 sqm of Grade A office space, poised to manifest as a part of this grand narrative.

To temper the arc of developer risk, a strategic approach unfurls, casting a spotlight on pre-leasing and tailored build-to-suit agreements, a concerto designed to allure significant occupiers. This offering, like a siren's call, beckons corporations hitherto absent from Senegal's shores, inviting them to establish their headquarters within the embrace of a fully-integrated smart city, a crucible of innovation and potential.

A canvas of residences takes shape, a comprehensive spectrum stretching from modest apartments to opulent villas, a rich tapestry woven with care and precision. This opportunity, born from the absence of residential offerings in the vicinity, finds its mettle in Mbodiène's embrace. These living sanctuaries, architected with meticulous attention, cater to the discerning tastes of both the local elite and the discerning foreign investor, each a brushstroke adding to the tableau of urban elegance.

As the rhythm of commerce continues to dance to a different tune, the opportunity to craft a limited yet potent quantum of international-standard retail emerges. It is a courtship with the future, an offering that shall unfurl beyond Phase 2, in harmony with the city's burgeoning populace.

In the symphony of urban life, the retail realm finds its voice as a gallery and a promenade, where quality options resonate with residents, employees, and wandering souls alike. This composition, rooted in nature's embrace and guided by the gentle touch of sustainable practices, orchestrates a harmonious crescendo that enriches the urban landscape.

This mosaic of possibilities, a testament to strategic ingenuity, forms the cornerstone of our recommendations, a blueprint poised to give life to the grandeur of Akon City's vision

In the orchestration of Akon City's growth, the melody of tourism in Senegal since 2014 resounds as a resplendent prelude, a prelude wherein demand has outpaced the gradual rhythm of hotel supply. Within this dynamic rhythm, a symphony of hospitality emerges, carefully composed to harmonize with the site's essence and its strategic vantage.

Akoncity counsel weaves a tapestry of lodging, where 3-star to 5-star hotels of varying scales find their place, an ensemble tailored to embrace a diverse tapestry of local, regional, and global patrons. Seven branded establishments, ranging from midscale 3-star to opulent 5-star, shall grace this realm, each operated by acclaimed hands, upholding the zenith of international standards. A symphony of gastronomy shall intertwine with the lodgings, while the crescendo of MICE facilities and other luxuries serenades both business and leisure sojourners.

The educational realm, a cornerstone of Akon City's identity, blooms with innovation as its anthem. Anchored by a resplendent tertiary institution, a constellation of primary and secondary havens shall nurture young minds. The tapestry extends into the future, envisioning a demand for world-class education by 2030 and beyond, a key note harmonizing with the symphony of high-end residences yet to be composed.

The canvas of leisure and entertainment, informed by the siren call of sea and history, invites a cascade of water-bound delights. Within its initial chapters, the dance of retail shall echo with a dual melody, enticing both transient tourists and local revelers. Akon Tower, a towering epicenter, shall become a stage for this performance, an opulent theater hosting a retail gallery and the enigmatic allure of a casino.

In the realm of well-being, the notes of demand for healthcare resound, both in the heart of Senegal and the pulse of Dakar. Akon City embraces this symphony, carving a space for medical care, a sanctuary that begins as a clinic, evolving into a haven for high-income households seeking domestic refuge for medical procedures once sought afar. As the curtain rises on this grand symphony, civic components emerge as its pillars, a harmonious chorus that caters to the needs of residents and employees alike. This holistic city, a fusion of innovation and necessity, weaves a narrative that not only aligns with Akon City's vision but also resonates with the very pulse of life itself.

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