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About Project

Project Objectives

About Project

Project Objectives

Embedded within the core of our architectural aspirations lie a constellation of project objectives, each a North Star guiding the trajectory of our endeavor. These pivotal aims, nurtured through our interactions with the visionary client, crystallize into the essence of JLL's developmental counsel:


/ Harmonious Symphony

Foremost among these guiding lights is the orchestration of a harmonious symphony of uses and classes, a choreography of spaces that do not merely coexist but rather entwine in an intricate dance of synergy. Like an ensemble of instruments playing in harmonious resonance, the development's facets shall be interwoven, creating a magnetic force that beckons demand from each corner.


/ Symphony of Economics

Yet, this interplay is not a mere artistic endeavor; it is the symphony of economics and operations, a grand tapestry of market-driven nuances. The composition of this ensemble must be orchestrated with deftness, aligning with the rhythm of highest and best use. Like a master conductor, we weave together the threads of potentiality, extracting the most exquisite notes from each note to weave a tapestry of economic vitality. It is a ballet of fiscal finesse, where each movement seeks to nurture not only adequate cash flows but also to unlock the vaults of optimal returns for the visionaries who tread this path, the developer and their esteemed partners.


/ Keystones

In the grand design of our aspirations, these objectives shall not be mere words, but the very keystones upon which the development's legacy shall be crafted. With each brick laid and each path paved, we shall mold a realm that sings to the harmonies of interdependence and prosperity, a testament to the artistry of vision meeting execution.

Total Land Area 550,000,000 m2
Residential Land Area except University 95,087 m2
17.2 %
Total Percentage
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