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Master Plan Overview

Behold, etched upon the canvas of possibilities, the high-level land use plan unfurls like a constellation of dreams, each compartment a defined symphony that weaves together a narrative of aspirations. Here, the map unfurls into distinct sections, a choreography of spaces that house the essence of Akon City's vision – offices, retail emporiums, the embrace of hospitality, leisure's haven, the sanctum of education, and the poetic interplay between apartments and villas.

In this epic overture encompassing phases 1 and 2, a grand tapestry spanning 416,200 sqm GFA emerges, an opulent chapter of 60 hectares of terra firma. The cadence of this creation, a melody where a robust residential realm intertwines with the rhythms of offices, retail treasures, hospitality realms, and the allure of leisure. These commercial threads, the hospitality haven, and the civic sanctuary interlace, serving as both a sanctuary for residents and the architect of a symphony that orchestrates critical mass.

The choreography of space is a dance of proportions, a ballet of allocation where the residential crescendo claims 59.8% of GFA, an ode to apartments and villas. The harmonies of hotels compose 14.3% of GFA, while the staccato of commerce weaves through 12.1% of the composition. Yet, amidst this artistic landscape, a new actor takes the stage – the filming studio, a serendipitous improvisation that weaves its narrative across 5 hectares, crafting a 40,000 sqm ode to creativity.

Master Plan Overview

As the curtain rises on the first and second acts, the seafront becomes a central protagonist, a stage where beauty converges with allure, enhancing the siren call of the development. Here, high-value nodes emerge, a cauldron where commerce and retail kindle, drawing from the sea's embrace.

In this ballet of vistas, the ocean's gaze graces the high-end, luxury realms, a coveted embrace for those who seek the zenith of existence. Meanwhile, the symphony extends to the beachfront, where commercial and mid-end apartments craft a counterpoint to the sea's serenade, a balletic harmony of opulence and accessibility. At the heart of this grand opus stands Akon Tower, a colossus of ambition and reverence, a beacon that commands the compass of this city's spirit. This tower, like a conductor's baton, orchestrates the movements of this living masterpiece, around which the symphony of Akon City flourishes, a rhapsody for the ages.

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