Akon City

The developed economy aims to adapt future development. The current evolution required a flexible infrastructure to accommodate new real estate development. The fast pace of global changes, economic progress, Poverty, and technology race, continuously causing Senegal to face various new challenges.

 AKONCITY will play a vital role in the quest for solutions to these challenges. The knowledge we generate and the professionals we train are expected, and quite rightly, to help in providing local solutions as well as a critical component of human development.


 It is these professional’s individuals who develop the capacity and analytical skills that drive local economies, create new industries, support civil society, lead capable governments, and make critical decisions that will affect the entire economy.

AKONCITY residential district buildings
AKON CITY akon tower - parking system


AKONCITY.. it is Senegal rivalry futuristic development to become the beacon of innovation and human development by providing the best education solution, to lead the economy of the country creating the most revolutionary industry, rewarding Senegalese hard work for making Senegal the leading country in technology innovation and natural resources best used by providing the best housing with at most futuristic design comforting the daily life with mixed use of entertainment and services for all types of residential buildings (social, middle class and high end).

AKONCITY will set the standard for all future real estate development in Senegal as a country and region as a whole.

Making its mark internationally and positioning itself as one of the leading countries for creating a full circle of life from one project will create the cell to follow elsewhere.


Planning Philosophy

Master Planning Design Principles

Senegal Growing economy is set for a full-fledged mixed used development, that cater to the country growing business as well as, surrounding countries. We have established a few design principles to aid in achieving the vision for the AKONCITY development. An iconic structure of Akon Tower will reflect the strength of the development.

Physical Master Planning Principles

Futuristic design begins with an informed understanding of the past. Communities reflected culture and expanding capital are the leverage approach we can expand on its story of place. Local traditions and heritage are a major value that helps our holistic approach to a futuristic city design.

Physical Plan

  1. Site AkonCity located in the heart of Cadastral de Mbodiene park. Such a location is easily accessible to commuting as well as to the general public. physically presence within the beautiful landscape of water and surrounding nature.
  2. Open Spaces Open spaces will be planted with native trees and flowers, merging into the landscape, yet standing separate along the lines of the constructed and drawn pathways. Walking along the nature and water all the way into the heart of the development, the residential building will reflect a walk in a creative man-made forest that render the combination between nature plated with culture transferred into a futuristic creation. The pathways linking the buildings are a reinterpretation of the human geometry of communication.

Project Site Location

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