The project is an extension of the sea into the land with wave diving deep into the roots of each building making it dance on the music of Akon to celebrate, Akoncity reflecting nothing but happiness bringing no less then success.

Akoncity is Senegal rivalry futuristic development to become the bacon of innovation and human development for providing the best education solution, to lead the economy of the country in creating the most revolutionary industry, rewarding Senegalese hard work for making Senegal the leading industry in technology innovation and natural resources.

AKONCITY is an iconic collection of futuristic estate reflecting the innovation in human development by providing the gateway for higher education and technological solution, leading the country to a greater economy by creating the most revolutionary industry in aspiring palatial surrounding, exquisite design and exceptional amenities combined had created a unique air of elegance.

Standing tall on Dakar’s shore, this impressive jewel fuses glamour and grandeur with a uniquely African spirit making it an idyllic venue for business and tourism.

More to come…


KE International awarded US $6 Billion construction contract for Akon City, Senegal

Akon created his own city in Senegal called ‘Akon City’