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Akon City
Akon City
Akon City


In the heart of creation, AKONCITY emerges as a harmonious fusion of sea and land, where undulating waves cascade with grace, delving into the very essence of each edifice. They sway in rhythmic unison to the melodic cadence of AKON's symphony, an exultant tribute to the ascent of this utopian realm. Here, AKONCITY blossoms as a testament to boundless joy, a sanctuary where every brick and beam reverberate with the resonance of triumph, an unequivocal anthem of prosperity.

— Planning philosophy

Guiding the evolution of AKONCITY is a meticulously crafted planning philosophy, rooted in the fertile soil of Senegal's burgeoning economy. As the nation's growth surges, an intricate tapestry of mixed-use marvels unfolds, poised not only to serve the domestic business landscape but also extend its embrace to the neighboring realms.

Site location and Access

Accessibility forms the very backbone of Akon City's connectivity, strategically situated in the embrace of prime tourism enclaves, Mbodiène to the South and Pointe Sarène to the North, both heralded as pivotal spheres of development by SAPCO.

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Envisioning a future where the tides of progress and adaptability converge, the burgeoning economy embraces the imperative of evolution. In this symphony of transformation

02 02


Embedded within the core of our architectural aspirations lie a constellation of project objectives, each a North Star guiding the trajectory of our endeavor.

03 03


Emanating from a profound awareness of its surroundings, the project emerges as a harmonious coalescence, an intricate dance that bows to the existing proximal developments and their resonance within the market's embrace.

Akon City

Project vision

The canvas upon which our vision unfurls spans a vast expanse of 55 hectares, a tapestry woven with the threads of integration and innovation. Within this realm, a symphony of elements coalesce to birth an extraordinary tapestry:

With the culmination of the initial twin chapters, the very essence of this endeavor shall be brought forth. A myriad of real estate forms, each with its own purpose, shall emerge, embracing the diverse needs of inhabitants, laborers, guests, and seekers of knowledge alike.


AkonCity Welcome Center

Step into the embrace of our future, a tapestry woven with visionary threads that unite nature's grace and cutting-edge technology. As the dawn of a new era beckons, we invite you to witness our masterpiece, a city etched in the symphony of green living, innovation, and sustainability.

Project's Components

Master Plan

Master Plan Overview

Behold, etched upon the canvas of possibilities, the high-level land use plan unfurls like a constellation of dreams, each compartment a defined symphony that weaves together a narrative of aspirations. Here, the map unfurls into distinct sections, a choreography of spaces that house the essence of Akon City's vision – offices, retail emporiums, the embrace of hospitality, leisure's haven, the sanctum of education, and the poetic interplay between apartments and villas.

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Project Phases

In the ethereal realm of visionary urban design, emerges Akon City Phase One-A, an unparalleled ode to the future that transcends convention and redefines opulence. Gracing the horizon like a symphony of innovation, this extraordinary marvel encompasses the essence of modernity, seamlessly weaving a tapestry of sophistication and exotic allure.

Project Phases

— Working With

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